About Me

October 2014 – Get out of Dodge (or rather Calgary, AB, Canada)
Doors open wide for me to leave behind the place I have called “home” for 35 years to embark on an adventure that I am not sure which direction it will take me. There are a few hard dates: Nov 12, 2014 plane ticket & shipping manifest for myself and my Harley with the destination being Gatwick airport just south of London, GB.

My life journey began November 26, 1962 in Peterborough, ON, Canada, with a move to Toronto for my teens. The day after the last day of high school I was on a plane to Calgary, where I have worked in the oil and gas industry for most of those years administering leases and contracts that govern operations. During my life I have dabbled in photography, first with film circa 1988. My first foray into digital photography was in 2003 when I took my bicycle to Europe for four months and took along the largest megapixel camera I could find – a whole 3.5 Megapixels! The 2003 trip is in legacy form on this website under the “European Odyssey” menu.

In the years since European Odyssey, I have gotten a little more serious about camera equipment and now shoot with a Nikon D800 (36 MP) with three mainstay lenses that provide the ability to capture wide angle shots, portraits and the long zoom shots, all of which will join me along with a newly acquired GoPro to mount on the Harley. Occasionally, I will use off-camera flash or strobes but my preference is to shoot with available light as I find it the most challenging.

This newest adventure will take me to England, France, Spain, Portugal and wherever else the road winds.

You are invited to follow along…

To purchase high quality, digital copies of a photo on this website, please contact donna_bell440@hotmail.com.